Post-Tensioning Systems
Extensively Tested and Performance-Proven On
Major Civil Engineering Projects Worldwide
The SDI Multistrand Systems were developed from the ground up to address today's design and construction practices, including the use of lightweight, high-strength concrete mixes and the need for compact anchorages in structural elements with congested reinforcing steel. The system is extensively tested and performance-proven on major civil engineering projects worldwide, including precast and cast-in-place segmental bridges, nuclear containment structures and offshore drilling platforms requiring expertise and innovative ideas.

SDI furnishes comprehensive material supply and installation services for post-tensioning projects worldwide. The system hardware incorporates numerous technical advances that simplify field placement, stressing and grouting and includes a broad range of anchor heads, bearing plates and encapsulation features for 1 to 61 0.6-inch diameter strand tendons. Combined with SDI's continuous commitment to research and development, the SDI Post-Tensioning System provides a practical, fully-integrated solution for construction of segmental bridges, offshore drilling & storage structures, nuclear containments and other civil engineering structures.
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