P-T Repair and Retrofit
A Leader in the Repair and Alteration of
Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures
SDI is a nationally recognized leader in the repair and alteration of post-tensioned concrete structures. With 25 years of experience as a post-tensioning system supplier and installation contractor, SDI has both the technical proficiency and practical know-how to perform any repair or retrofit operation. Whether the application requires tendon detensioning, replacement and re-stressing, cutting new slab openings, or drilling and coring in newly-constructed buildings, SDI applies safe and proven methods to achieve a successful solution.

Repairing Accidental Damage
Newly installed PT tendons are often damaged or severed during initial construction due to mistakes by follow-on trades while drilling, coring or cutting in the slabs. In these cases, immediate assessment and rehabilitation is necessary to keep the project moving on schedule. As a service to contractors, SDI will quickly mobilize to repair or replace and re-stress tendons damaged during construction.

Corrosion Problems Solved
Many PT repair projects involve the replacement of obsolete and inadequately-protected tendons that have become corroded, creating structural deficiencies. SDI has repaired and replaced vintage button-headed wire tendons, paper-wrapped tendons, heat-sealed tendons, bar tendons and more. Our repair methods allow us to replace damaged 1/2-inch diameter cables with new 1/2-inch diameter strands, thereby maintaining or exceeding the structure's original capacity.

Precision Alterations
SDI also provides expert services for drilling framing bolt holes and cutting slab openings to accommodate new elevators, escalators, stairways and ventilation shafts. In addition to pt cable work, we provide turnkey project services for shoring, demolition, formwork and concrete pouring. To locate and avoid pt tendons and other hidden components, we often work with Digital Concrete Scanning Service, a highly reputable non-destructive testing firm.
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