SDI News and Projects
The New Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge (Above):
Arch Closures Now Complete
Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (Q Bridge) - Extradosed Stay Cable Bridge
The Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (Q-Bridge) Project consists of a ten lane extradosed stay cable bridge; the first of its kind in the United States. SDI has been contracted to furnish the post-tensioning system, test and furnish the stay cable system as well as design, manufacture and supply formtravelers (including formwork).
SDI Continues Work On San Onofre Steam Generator Replacement
Although the facility is licensed to operate until 2022, the four massive steam generators at Southern California Edison's San Onofre Nuclear Plant will require replacement in order for the facility to continue supplying electricity to its customers past 2010. Accordingly, SCE is moving ahead with a $680 million project to remove the 65-foot-long, 23-foot wide, 621-ton generators from two containment units and replace them with new generators made of a more crack-resistant metal alloy. In support of prime contractor Bechtel Power Corporation, Schwager Davis, Inc. is providing the post-tensioning system, equipment, management and supervision for the generator replacement project, which includes cutting openings in the concrete containment walls, detensioning and removing the affected post-tensioning tendons and installing and stressing approximately 164 new tendons to restore the containments to their original structural integrity.
Minneapolis Airport APM O&M Update
The Minneapolis/Saint Paul (MSP) Airport has two automated people mover systems in operation. One is operating under ground, connecting the main terminal with remote parking, rental car facilities and the light rail station. The other system is operating on an elevated guideway, connecting the main Lindbergh terminal with the regional terminal with two intermediate connector stations. Both systems are operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The two systems were designed, manufactured and installed by Poma-Otis and then operated for the first five years by Otis Elevator Co. Throughout that time, one of the two systems had not met the operating standards for airport APM system availability requirements. SDI's five year operations & maintenance contract started on May 5, 2009. Within the first twelve months of operation under SDI management, the system availability increased from the previous annual average up to 99.58% of the hub trams and 98.16% on the Concourse trams.
SDI Signs Next Offshore Project In Russia
The next phase of the $10 billion Sakhalin project is now underway in eastern Russia with Schwager Davis Inc. furnishing 3,000 Tons of post-tensioning material, equipment and supervision. Construction of this oil and gas Gravity Based structure will take place in a dry-dock near Vladivostok before being towed 1,000 miles across the Sea of Japan to its final destination.
Antlers - Segmental CIP Cantilever
Located over the Shasta Lake in northern California this project will replace the existing steel bridge with two parallel 1,950 foot long structures utilizing the CIP cantilever method of construction. SDI has been contracted to supply formtravelers and furnish and install all post-tensioning. Construction is currently underway.
McCarran / Tropicana
Apart from the Hoover Dam Bypass, SDI also currently has over $4 Million of work in the Las Vegas area including 21 bridges at and around the new Terminal at the McCarran International airport and 15 bridges along I-15 from Tropicana to Blue Diamond near the Las Vegas strip.
Doyle Drive
Doyle Drive is the portion of Route 101 located within the Presidio of San Francisco that winds 1.5 miles along the northern edge of San Francisco and connects the peninsula to the Golden Gate Bridge. SDI has been contracted to furnish and install all post-tensioning for the project. Construction is currently underway.
SF - Oakland Bay Bridge - YBI Transition Structure
The Yerba Buena Island Transition Structure (YBITS) is the final contract for the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge. It will connect the Self-Anchored Suspension (SAS) span to Yerba Buena Island (YBI), and will transition the East Span's side-by-side road decks to the upper and lower decks of the YBI tunnel and West Span. SDI has been contracted to furnish and install all post-tensioning for the project.
Pearl Ridge
The Pearl Ridge Monorail in Hawaii has had a long and successful service life, but having been built on 1970's technology, the system needed upgrades to meet today's new technology and standards. SDI was contracted to upgrade the trains on-board and wayside controls, propulsion/braking system, door drive system and install a new emergency recover system; improving the system's passenger safety and reliability.
Clarian APM O&M Update
After completion of this $43 million design-build contract in 2003, Schwager Davis, Inc. was commissioned to operate and maintain the APM for Clarian Health. As of January 2010 our contract has been extended an additional 5 years. With 7 years of successful operation, Clarian APM continues to run smoothly.
SDI Repairs Civic Center Parking Structure
During a structural evaluation of this fairly new parking garage at the San Jose Civic Center, it was discovered that the structure suffered significant deterioration of its structural members due to poor construction details. Schwager Davis Inc. was contracted to remove, replace and increase the corrosion protection for nearly 1,800 tendons; all performed while keeping the structure open to the public. With the many challenges faced with such a complex specialty project, SDI came in under budget, on time and with a very satisfied client.
Allegheny River Bridge Construction Nears Completion in Pennsylvania
Construction of the new twin Allegheny River Bridges in Pennsylvania began on July 9, 2007 to replace the existing 55-year-old steel truss structure. The new 2,350-foot-long, cast-in-place segmental concrete bridges, with main spans of 532 feet, will be constructed using the balanced cantilever method with form travelers supplied by SDI. SDI is also providing the post-tensioning system for the bridges. The $190 million project is scheduled for completion in 2010 by general contractor Walsh Construction, Chicago, under contract with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority.
SDI Performs First-Ever U.S. Cryogenic Testing of Post-Tensioning Tendons
In 2007, as part of the qualification process for the Golden Pass LNG Terminal's five concrete containment tanks, owner ExxonMobil Corp. required extensive cryogenic testing of the project's post-tensioning components to validate performance of the structural system for the tanks. Testing of this kind had never been performed in the U.S. and there were no available facilities or equipment in place to carry out the tests. Therefore SDI performed the entire program using in-house resources. Over a five-month period, SDI designed and fabricated all equipment and procedures to satisfy ExxonMobil's requirements and performed more than 50 cryogenic tests on the strand, anchorages, reinforcement and concrete proposed for the post-tensioning system. The tests validated satisfactory performance of the SDI post-tensioning system, and SDI subsequently received the contract award for post-tensioning supply on the project.
SDI Moves Forward on Golden Pass LNG Project in Texas
Construction of the $2 billion Golden Pass LNG Receiving Terminal is underway on the Texas Gulf Coast, led by design-build contractor Chicago Bridge & Iron Company. Underwritten by ExxonMobil Corporation, the terminal will process 15.6 million tons of liquefied natural gas .per year, or 2 billion cu ft per day. The project includes two ship unloading berths; five full-containment concrete LNG storage tanks, each with a capacity of 155,000 cubic meters; a regassification & sendout system; and related ancillary structures and systems. Schwager Davis, Inc. is responsible for supply and installation of the grouted post-tensioning system for the five LNG storage tanks.
Hawaii's Hilton Waikoloa People Mover Undergoes Extensive Renovation
Schwager Davis, Inc. has recently performed an extensive renovation and upgrade project for the original 1988 people mover system that connects the activity centers of the expansive Hilton Waikoloa luxury resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. The project involved refurbishment of the grade-level guideway beams, track switches and supply and installation of three new 5-car trains. The new trains accommodate 90 all-seated passengers in air-conditioned comfort. The project was completed on-schedule with minimal impact for guests and visitors.
Folsom Dam Bypass Bridge Construction Now COMPLETE Near Sacramento
Construction of the $75 million Folsom Dam Bypass Bridge broke ground on February 22, 2007. One of several U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-managed dam bypass projects brought about by safety concerns after 9-11, the new four-lane, 1,000-foot-long segmental concrete bridge carries four lanes of vehicular traffic, along with two bicycle lanes and a pedestrian walkway at a height of 200 feet above the Sacramento River just south of Folsom Dam. Under subcontract to general contractor Kiewit Pacific Company, Schwager Davis, Inc. supplied all materials and installation labor for post-tensioning of the bridge.
California's Eel River Bridge Employing SDI Post-Tensioning Materials & Installation Labor
The Confusion Hill/Eel River Bridge project in Mendocino County, California, consists of two cast-in-place concrete bridges that relocate approximately 1.5 miles of CA Route 101 where it crosses the Eel River between Willets and Garberville. The South Bridge, measuring 1,350 feet long and 43 feet wide, crosses the river at a height of 300 feet above the valley floor, and was built using form travelers in balanced cantilever. SDI did not supply the travelers as well as all post-tensioning materials and labor for the project, which was completed in late 2009. MCM Construction was the general contractor.
New Devil's Slide Bridge Utilizing SDI Form Travelers, Post-Tensioning Materials & Installation Services
Originally carved out of California's Pacific Coast cliffs south of San Francisco, the Devil's Slide section of State Highway 1 became notorious for its frequent road-closing landslides almost immediately after opening in 1937. Various plans to re-route the 600-foot-long roadway section have been proposed and debated since 1958, and finally, on May 6, 2005, ground was broken for a voter-mandated tunnel and bridge bypass project located just inland of the slide area. The $41 million bridge project consists of two tunnels beneath San Pedro Mountain, each 30-feet wide and 4,200 feet long. At the northern end, a twin parallel 1,000-foot-long segmental concrete bridge spans Shamrock Ranch Valley at a maximum height of 125 feet. To minimize environmental impact, the main span was built using cast-in-place balanced cantilever construction method. Schwager Davis, Inc. supplied the traveling forms for the project, and is also supplying and installing the grouted multistrand post-tensioning system.
Guido Schwager Receives Career Contribution Award from the American Segmental Bridge Institute
SDI president and managing principal Guido A. Schwager, P.E. (bottom left in photo), was honored with the Award for Outstanding Career Contributions to Construction Technology for Segmental and Cable-Stayed Bridges during the 2006 ASBI Convention Awards Ceremony in San Diego, CA. Other ASBI award recipients in 2006 included John Armeni, Hala Elgaaly, Clifford Freyermuth, Paul Liles Jr., Alan Moreton, Denney Pate and Steven Stroh.
World's First Floating LNG Terminal Uses SDI Know-How
The North Adriatic LNG Terminal, constructed in a drydock in southern Spain, was the first offshore LNG terminal ever built. The floating facility is located approximately nine miles offshore between Venice and Rovigo, Italy in the Adriatic Sea and will distribute about 6.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year for the Italian market. Following the success of SDI's contract for the Sakhalin II Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms in Russia, contractor Aker Kvaerner selected SDI for onsite management and quality control of all post-tensioning operations.
SDI Gives Bronx Zoo Monorail a New Lease on Life
As a cost-effective alternative to replacing the Bronx Zoo's aging monorail fleet with an all-new system, Schwager Davis, Inc. performed a comprehensive repair and renovation program on virtually all components of the system. Operations included replacement of the propulsion system's DC drive motors with variable-frequency AC drives, upgrading the differentials and service brakes, integrating an all-new touch-screen computer control system and adding a new, fail-safe emergency braking system. Additionally SDI performed numerous structural and cosmetic improvements to the 54 aging and deteriorating fiberglass cabins.. Completed in May of 2007, the renovation project improved the overall quality, appearance and passenger safety of the monorail fleet, and will extend the system's service life for decades to come.
Arches Complete on the Hoover Dam Bypass Project
From the perspective of segmental bridge experts, the engineering significance of the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge will equal that of the adjacent dam built over 75 years earlier. With a main span of 1,060 ft. that will cross Black Canyon 900 feet above the Colorado River just 1,600 ft. downstream from the dam, the twin concrete arch structure stands as the largest arch bridge in North America and the fourth largest worldwide. Scheduled for completion in late 2010, the bridge's twin arch spans were built using four traveling forms to cast the cantilevered arch segments that meet at mid span. During construction, the arches were supported by temporary stay cables routed over temporary pylons at each edge of the vertical canyon walls. Working side-by-side with the joint venture general contractor Obayashi/PSM Construction, SDI developed the erection sequencing from the early planning phases, drawing on SDI's prior experience with Oregon's Crooked River arch bridge in 2001. SDI also supplied the temporary stay cable system as well as all post-tensioning materials including stressbars, strand, stressing equipment and technical support.
SDI Supplying Post-Tensioning System for Seattle Sound Transit Light Rail Project
Seattle's new 5.6-mile-long light rail system will ride on an elevated concrete guideway for 4.6 miles of its route through downtown to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Construction of the $270 million segmental guideway commenced in 2005 by PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. The guideway was built using precast superstructure segments placed by a self-launching truss for the majority of its length, although four long span bridges ranging from 216 ft. to 350 ft. are built using the balanced cantilever method. SDI is provided the grouted post-tensioning system for the project, along with all stressing equipment and technical support.
SDI Dismantles, Stores, Upgrades and Re-Installs the Bellagio People Mover System in Las Vegas
SDI's experience as a design-build contractor for new transit systems was key to the success of a complex and demanding renovation project for the Bellagio-Monte Carlo automated people mover project in Las Vegas, Nevada. Major property development on the site required the temporary removal of the existing transit system during construction, followed by the system's re-aligned installation. SDI performed the $5 million demolition and installation project on a fast-track schedule to the full satisfaction of the owner.
SDI Performs First U.S.-Supplied Post-Tensioning Project in Russia
SDI's value as a post-tensioning supplier and installer was proved on an international basis during the construction of the Sakhalin I & II oil and gas gravity base structures in Russia. Over the 14-month, fast-tracked project duration, SDI supplied, installed and ran QC operations on a massive scale in the remote location in Siberia. The project required more than 2,100 tons of PT steel, utilizing multistrand tendons averaging 330 feet in length. The $1 billion project proved successful on all fronts, and is currently in operation in the Sea of Japan.
New Benicia-Martinez Bridge Opens to Traffic
Construction of the new $1.2 billion Benicia-Martinez Bridge began in late 2001 by general contractor Kiewit Pacific Company and was opened to traffic on August 25, 2007. This major U.S. segmental box girder bridge carries five traffic lanes over 17 spans across the Sacramento River for a total length of 8,790 feet including approaches, and includes provisions for future light rail. It is the first major U.S, bridge to employ high-strength lightweight concrete. SDI furnished all post-tensioning materials and equipment for the project.
Bay Bridge Skyway Project Complete
The final box girder segment of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Skyway was lifted into place on December 6, 2006, marking a major milestone toward completion of the state-of-the-art, seismically-designed segmental bridge. From early 2002 through completion, SDI played a vital role in the project, first by assisting with the planning and development of the precast segmental erection scheme, then designing and supplying the Self Launching Erection Devices (SLEDs) that lifted the 452 concrete segments onto the superstructure. SDI also furnished all post-tensioning materials, equipment and technical support for the project. SDI's quantities alone tell a story of massive proportions: the Skyway contains 6,670 post-tensioning tendons weighing over 23 million pounds and totaling 5,529 miles of 0.6-inch-diameter steel strand. The tendons are encased in 360 miles of steel duct filled with 89,396 cubic feet of grout. Total weight of the segments lifted by SDI's SLED units exceeded 700 million pounds.
Oregon's Crooked River Bridge Makes U.S. Construction History
Spanning the sheer walls of a 500-foot-high, 410-foot-wide river canyon with a concrete arch bridge posed unique construction challenges when first attempted in 2000-2001 by Kiewit Pacific Co. Schwager Davis, Inc. played a vital role in the project by consulting for the final construction scheme and designing and supplying the specially-designed traveling formwork and temporary stay cables and tower system that supported the cantilevered arch segments during construction. The successful project garnered engineer Guido Schwager a nomination for ENR's Top Newsmaker of 2000, and has also led to additional U.S. segmental arch bridge contracts, including the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge currently underway in Nevada.
Clarian People Mover Gains Ground as New Indianapolis Icon
SDI's latest UniTrakTM people mover has been in operation since June 28, 2003. The fully-automated, twin-train system was designed and built by SDI under a $40 million turnkey contract with Clarian Health Partners, Inc., Indianapolis, to connect two Clarian-owned hospitals, the Indiana University School of Medicine and a medical research facility. In addition to providing continuous and reliable transportation service for both Clarian Health staff and the public, the system has won numerous awards for design, construction, neighborhood beautification and civic improvement. SDI operates and maintains the system on a 24/7 basis under a separate long-term contract.
First Self-Propelled UniTrakTM Installed at Primadonna Resort Near Las Vegas
The explosive growth of the 40-acre gaming, shopping and entertainment complex at Primm Valley, Nevada reached a peak in 1998 with the construction of Buffalo Bill's - the third hotel/casino of the development. Following the success of the cable-propelled shuttle system linking Whiskey Pete's with Primadonna, SDI won the contract to design and build a new people mover to connect Primadonna with Buffalo Bill's, thereby linking all three resorts. For this project, SDI designed an all-new self-propelled transit technology named SDI UniTrakTM. The system was derived from time-tested monorail technology, but differs in that the rubber-tired train runs on dual guideway beams spaced four feet apart for improved and more stable ride characteristics. The system's 4-car train accommodates 96 all-seated passengers per trip between the two resorts. Performing as turnkey contractor, SDI built the system in a period of only 14 months. Since it's opening in 1999, the Primm Valley UniTrak has operated with exceptional reliability on a 22/7 schedule up to the present day.
SDI Doubles Passenger Capacity for Primm Valley Shuttle System
By applying an innovative retrofit and refurbishment design, the Transit Systems Division of Schwager Davis, Inc. achieved a major increase in the transport capacity of the automated, cable-propelled people mover connecting two hotel/casino developments without adding extra vehicles or building a new and larger vehicle for the system. SDI's cost-saving solution involved adding a second set of doors on the opposite side of the existing shuttle car to allow simultaneous exiting and boarding of passengers, thus shortening the station dwell time and increasing the number of trips the system makes over Interstate Highway 15 every hour. SDI also performed upgrades on the single vehicle's propulsion and suspension system to increase the travel speed and handle 15 additional passengers per trip to further increase the passenger capacity. This simple approach saved the owner approximately $1 million compared to the nearest competitive solution. The same shuttle vehicle now carries 1,200 passengers per hour per direction, versus the previous capacity of 650 pphpd, and operates with improved efficiency and passenger comfort.
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