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Who We Are
New Wedding Planet, a membership trade association for wedding consultants and other wedding professionals, is a division of Global Horizon Enterprises, LLC, a privately owned Limited Liability Company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our corporate offices and Business Development Center are located at 791 Monroe Street, Santa Clara, California, 95050 USA. Our Celebrity Course Contributors and Business Development Advisors are located throughout the United States.

What We Believe
New Wedding Planet has a Global Mission. We believe that marriage is a right for everyone. We believe that couples getting married deserve ethical wedding consulting services from trained wedding coordinators wherever they're getting married. We believe that motivated individuals can be taught how to become a wedding planner as a career, or how to plan their own wedding with confidence, whatever their background and wherever they live.

What We Do
We provide innovative wedding planning course video tutorials, professional wedding planning certification, and ongoing business support to our Members: (1) aspiring or beginning wedding coordinators, planners, and consultants; (2) other wedding professionals; and (3) couples planning their own wedding.

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How to Become a Wedding Planner with Ethics and Expertise

Why We Don't Accept Advertising
We exist to serve Members, not sponsors. We accept no advertising, have no referral relationships, and are not affiliated with any business, organization, or sector of the wedding industry. We don't sell, trade, or share Members' names or personal information. This policy produces impartial content free from wedding industry influence, preserves our editorial independence, and embodies the ethics that we embrace and teach.

How We've Organized the Course
New Wedding Planet's wedding planning course video tutorials are organized by subject: (1) to train aspiring wedding coordinators and wedding consultants how to become a wedding planner and earn professional wedding planning certification; (2) to teach wedding consulting and other wedding professionals how to enhance their skills and diversify their business; and (3) to show couples getting married how to plan their own wedding with confidence. Course video tutorials begin with the basic principles of the wedding business; cover traditional wedding practices and services; explore exciting new markets including the green wedding, the winery wedding, and same-sex marriage; and introduce wedding psychology and client counseling, an essential subject not found in any other wedding planning course.

How Certification Works
Members view video tutorials in any order they choose. Individuals seeking wedding planning certification take a short quiz following each wedding planning course video tutorial and receive wedding planning certification after scoring 80% or higher on all quizzes. Certification is for life and does not require additional fees or annual renewal. Couples planning their own wedding can also take wedding planning course quizzes to test their knowledge as they proceed through the course.

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Tomorrow's Wedding Planning Course and Wedding Planning Certification at Your Fingertips Today

How Course Contributors are Selected
We recruit top professional experts to provide all-new video tutorial content. They include published authors, wedding specialists, and successful entrepreneurs from many fields. Each expert embraces our Global Mission. Each shares our vision and values. Each offers his or her time without compensation. Outbound links are provided to contributors' websites, and where appropriate contributors have agreed to link back to New Wedding Planet. Reciprocal website links can boost search engine visibility or page rank within search engine listings. Our site visitors and prospective Members are encouraged to utilize these links to evaluate the quality of our course content and its relevance to their interests and needs.

How Rapid Video Course™ Content is Kept Current
To keep wedding planning course content up-to-date, we continually identify new ideas, new experts, and new subjects, adding and replacing video tutorials in response to changes in the wedding business and feedback from Members. This dynamic feature distinguishes New Wedding Planet from static wedding planning course programs offered in books, in classes, or by mail.

How We Focus on Our Customers
Your success is our sole purpose. We serve you exclusively by refusing to accept advertising, impartially analyzing data, and objectively evaluating information, ideas, and trends for their relevance to your interests and needs. We add value by answering your questions, listening to your suggestions, and interacting with you personally as you progress toward the goal that you set for yourself: (1) wedding planning certification, (2) diversifying your existing wedding business, or (3) planning your own wedding.

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