Writing and editing answers for every wedding planning job

Like written wedding planner guides, real-life wedding event planning jobs require clear, compelling language to make sure your audience gets your message and embraces your call to action. Any wedding event planning business gains an important advantage once you've mastered the art of expression, and any wedding planning job will advance faster if you polish your delivery and style. Still, finding the right word for every occasion isn't easy, so having access to professional guidance when you need it is always a plus. Traditional wedding planner guides are limited in scope and seldom address the important subject of clear, compelling wedding business communication. The typical wedding event planning business guidebook may provide sample letters and contracts, but offers little help on how to communicate effectively, in person and in print, as you launch your business, manage your vendors, and counsel your clients. It's time for expert advice on how to write, edit, and deliver every message effectively.

Each Wedding Planning Job Calls for Clarity as the Wedding Planner Guides Others

Will Ray makes the complex communication tasks required by the wedding planning job less intimidating as the busy wedding planner guides clients, coordinates vendors, and manages the complex process of planning a wedding. Drawing on his extensive editing, broadcasting, and teaching experience, he answers Members' questions about how to choose the right word, develop a distinctive voice, and achieve a persuasive style for their particular wedding planning job. At Florida Atlantic University he designed and taught an innovative course on writing for fundraising tailored to the needs of nonprofit business executives. Today he provides 'writing-for-wedding' answers to New Wedding Planet Members' questions about how to communicate clearly, distinctively, and persuasively in their wedding event planning jobs.

Effective Writing and Editing Are Essential for Your Wedding Event Planning Business

Whether it's user-friendly text for your website or compelling copy for your brochure, everything written to market your wedding event planning business requires your careful perusal and editing. Without writing skill, you can't edit efficiently. Without a distinctive voice, your message won't be heard. Without a consistent style, your business communications will confuse your audience and prevent you from reaching your potential. Developing a detailed communications plan will help your wedding event planning business grow, but only you can guide the process. As you begin, it's a big benefit to have authoritative advice from an experienced executive, editor, and educator at your fingertips.

Expertise from an Executive with a PhD in English
Helps Wedding Event Planning Business Communications Rise to Every Occasion

Developing writing and editing skill, finding a distinctive voice and style, and building a detailed communications program all make good wedding event planning business sense. As a successful nonprofit business executive, educator, and fundraiser with a PhD in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Will has put his communications expertise into action for top-tier educational, cultural, and medical organizations in North Carolina, Florida, and California. As New Wedding Planet's Editorial Director, he taps this experience to advise couples getting married, professional wedding planners, and wedding professionals of all specialties. Get direct, no-nonsense answers to your writing, editing, and communication planning questions through Member queries to New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center.

Will is one of eight Advisors to New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center. The Center provides Members with quick, concise answers to the most common questions and issues faced by wedding planners, wedding professionals, and couples planning their own wedding. Once you're a Member, it's as simple as sending a query from your Personal Resource Page. Members may also commission Advisors to work on Special Assignments where one-to-one interaction and collaboration is utilized to produce a comprehensive, custom-tailored solution. Special Assignments are subject to availability and are quoted on a per-job basis.

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