Skin care and make up tips are no longer just for brides

Looking as polished as possible for wedding day pictures is a concern for both partners getting married. The same make up artist hired to help the bride and bridesmaids look their best should also be willing to sharpen the groom and groomsmen's image for the camera and the crowd. Women have known forever that personal skin care starts well before the wedding day. Now men are catching on and becoming proactive about their wedding day appearance, too. Discreet under-the-eye make up and facial powder, applied by an experienced wedding day make up artist, conceals sweat, smoothes skin tone, and hides any residual damage from the night before. With simple make up tips from a professional make up artist, guys in a hurry can apply some products themselves to improve their appearance and prepare for the wedding day spotlight. Take the time. Your wedding photographer will thank you and you'll thank yourself. Today everybody agrees: wedding day make up isn't just for brides.

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Find a Make Up Artist Experienced with Making Men Up, Too

How are wedding day make up styles changing? Why should a wedding day make up artist be familiar with current celebrity looks? Which styles are trendy and which styles are timeless? How can skillfully applied make up enhance anyone's natural appearance to achieve a classic look that makes a lasting impression? What are the essentials of daily and pre-wedding skin care, and how does wedding day eye make up sometimes go wrong? Why are tanning salons before the wedding a bad idea, and how early should a trial make up session be conducted with the bride? What's the ideal schedule for wedding day make up and hair styling? How do popular skin care techniques and eye make up designs vary among ethnicities? Any wedding planner working in today's style-conscious culture must be able to answer these common questions. Daily skin care procedures, helpful make up tips, and wedding day advice from a versatile make up artist are also valuable to couples in achieving optimal wedding day appearance, sweat-free poise, and a polished look for every picture taken on their wedding day. Learn basic wedding day make up tips for men as well as women, and be prepared to make diplomatic suggestions to help everybody put his or her best face forward for the camera.

Photo courtesy Kiet Do

Course Video Tutorial: 'A Licensed Aesthetician Teaches Wedding Day Make Up for Her and Him' (22:04)

Diana Westphal-Gore, the owner of Faces by Diana, is a Licensed Aesthetician and professional make up artist with experience in pre-wedding day skin care, eye make up design, color coordination, and other critical factors in achieving maximum wedding day visual appeal. A graduate of California State University with a degree in interior design, she has worked as an interior designer, art teacher, and make up artist for both sexes. Before opening her busy make up artist business, she managed, marketed, and artfully applied cosmetics at the counter for leading cosmetic retailers, receiving advanced training with some of the most skilled professionals in the make up industry. In this course video tutorial, Diana outlines for Members the elements of a pre-wedding day skin care program and a comprehensive wedding day make up plan. She conducts two live demonstrations. The first illustrates the entire wedding day make up process for women, as Diana applies wedding day face and eye make up to Lara Price, a popular Bay Area vocalist who is getting married. The second demonstrates skin moisturizing, skin care, and modest male make up tips as Diana's husband, Pierce, models for the camera.

Diana Westphal-Gore, Licensed Aesthetician

Learn 12 essential elements of pre-wedding day skin care, wedding day make up, and the make up business:

  • The difference between an aesthetician, a cosmetologist, and a make up artist
  • Natural, classic, and 'smokey' looks for brides
  • Skin care techniques for the wedding day and every day
  • When to schedule a trial make up session for the bride
  • Coordinating hair styling and make up application on the wedding day
  • When to re-apply wedding day make up if the weather doesn't cooperate
  • How wedding venue lighting conditions affect the wedding day make up plan
  • Wedding-week alternatives to tanning salons
  • Special skin protection for an outdoor event
  • Skin care and eye make up design for couples with darker skin
  • Henna application and other ethnic make up traditions
  • How to coordinate subtle eye make up with specific wedding colors

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