Wedding business planning and marketing
for wedding consultant success

The wedding business is an exciting career choice. But the wedding consultant specialty field is complex and competitive, and the wedding planner job benefits from professional training and ongoing support. To provide the knowledge that's really needed, online wedding planning courses should deliver real-time answers to solve the real-world problems faced by every wedding consultant. Successful solutions must integrate strategic business planning and sophisticated marketing approaches with prevailing wedding business practices.

Effective Wedding Event Planner Programs Are Based on Experience, Not Theory

Tim Roberts brings firsthand wedding business experience, not abstract theory, to the Internet's most innovative wedding planner program. Applying the winning wedding business techniques he developed as a nationally known wedding photographer, wedding consultant business owner, and co-founder of traditional wedding event planner programs, he has adapted cutting-edge computer programming and video learning technology to create New Wedding Planet's Rapid Video Course™, the online answer for aspiring wedding planners, wedding professionals, and couples getting married.

Online Wedding Planning Courses Attract Self-Starters,
But a New Wedding Consultant Needs a Start-Up Business Plan

Tim provides New Wedding Planet Members with strategic wedding business planning answers based upon his proven entrepreneurial experience as a wedding business innovator. Books, classes, and traditional wedding event planner programs waste too much time on mundane matters. Other online wedding planning courses follow the same blueprint, focusing on the minor mechanics of opening a business while ignoring the major tasks required for survival and success: how to be viable, become visible, and remain competitive in today's fast-changing economic environment. Today's wedding business enterprise needs visionary thinking, realistic pricing, and a comprehensive business plan. Having the right plan in place means being able to turn to the right people for answers when needed.

Wedding Consultant Success Depends on Marketing Your Wedding Business Dynamically

Online wedding planning courses depend on marketing for their visibility. As the founder of successful wedding photography, bridal salon, and wedding consulting businesses, as well as online wedding event planner programs, Tim provides New Wedding Planet Members with proven online, in-print, and in-person marketing techniques to grow their wedding business. These include how to network with vendors, venues, and mentors; how to generate instant buzz through regional pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns; and how to capture promising new niche markets, such as the green wedding, winery wedding, and same-sex weddings, to build local wedding business brand identity and market share. Tim reinforces these techniques and many more, answering wedding planning and marketing questions for couples getting married, professional wedding planners, and wedding professionals of all specialties through Member queries to New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center.

Tim is one of eight Advisors to New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center. The Center provides Members with quick, concise answers to the most common questions and issues faced by wedding planners, wedding professionals, and couples planning their own wedding. Once you're a Member, it's as simple as sending a query from your Personal Resource Page. Members may also commission Advisors to work on Special Assignments where one-to-one interaction and collaboration is utilized to produce a comprehensive, custom-tailored solution. Special Assignments are subject to availability and are quoted on a per-job basis.

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