Today wine country is everywhere and wineries are wedding places

Wedding wine is traditional in wedding ceremonies and celebrations worldwide. Drinking wine from the Kiddush cup is a central element of Jewish wedding ritual, medieval marriage feasts depicted in art remind us that wedding party toasts are nothing new, and a traditional champagne toast is still offered at most American wedding receptions. California wine country has produced grapes for wedding wine and provided picturesque wedding places since Spanish colonial times. Today vineyards thrive throughout the USA, and wineries everywhere are becoming popular wedding places with romantic appeal, rural atmosphere, and real value for couples getting married and wedding planners in love with the idea of a unique wedding among the grapes. A winery wedding is also an attractive option within important new wedding markets, including the green wedding, the modest budget wedding, gay marriage wedding ceremonies and celebrations, and multicultural events. America's wine country is now wide open for wedding business. And for a growing number of wine enthusiasts, wedding wine is more than just a quiet guest at the table; it's becoming the center of attention. For these wine lovers, having a winery wedding tops their wish list when the time comes to get married.

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A Winery Wedding Is Easy to Plan, and Now It's Easy to Find Winery Wedding Places

American wedding wine became a billion-dollar business for hotels, restaurants, and wedding reception halls following the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Meanwhile non-hotel wedding venues, such as historic estates and gardens, have grown in popularity. But until recently, the busy cycle of growing grapes and the business of making wine prevented most wineries from recognizing their potential or promoting their availability as equally enchanting venues for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. Now wineries all across the country are catching on and catching up. They're increasing direct-to-customer sales, improving profit margins, and introducing their wines to new customers by marketing their vineyards, tasting rooms, and wine caves to wedding planners and couples getting married as magical weddings places. Yet despite the growing number of wineries, wine enthusiasts, and winery wedding events throughout America, accurate information about wine country wedding places has been hard to find. After tracking this trend for several years, an industrious travel and wine writer recognized the need for comprehensive online information about American winery wedding venues. Today the website that she developed provides wedding planners and couples getting married an easy-to-use, one-stop-shopping guide to winery wedding venues and resources in every part of the USA.

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Course Video Tutorial: 'A Travel and Wine Writer Teaches Winery Weddings and Wedding Wine' (42:57)

Yvonne Horn, the founder of Winery Wedding Guide, is based in California's Sonoma County wine country, writing about travel for international publications and about wine for The Quarterly Review of Wines and Wine Enthusiast magazine. Her research has revealed that approximately one in four wineries in America currently provide wedding places and wedding resources. Her groundbreaking website catalogs American winery wedding properties by region and state while providing pertinent data, including ceremony site options, property profiles, and contact details. As a result, her Internet guide for wedding planners and couples getting married provides the perfect starting point to determine where to have a winery wedding. In this course video tutorial, Yvonne teaches Members why, when, and how to plan a winery wedding almost anywhere. She details the process of pricing, planning, and producing a successful winery wedding event, giving professional wedding planners invaluable advice to boost their business by becoming their area's winery wedding expert. Her presentation is preceded by a historical overview of wine and weddings from the Greeks to the present. It concludes with a demonstration of wine tasting and etiquette and a summary of winemaking by Rob Jensen, the owner of Testarossa Winery, a historic West Coast winery wedding venue.

Yvonne Horn, Travel and Wine Writer

Learn 12 essential elements of wedding wine, wine country wedding places, and planning a winery wedding:

  • Where winemaking began and when it came to America
  • How California's 1849 'Grape Rush' became a booming business
  • Where wedding wine is made in the USA today
  • How to find wine country nearby, wherever you live
  • Unique wedding places in the vineyards and among the caves
  • What to ask before booking a winery wedding
  • The best times of year and days of the week for a winery wedding
  • Space options, service packages, and planning for safety and comfort
  • How to negotiate the cost of tasting packages and wedding wine
  • Non-technical terms needed to plan a winery wedding
  • Nine steps to become your area's professional winery wedding planner expert
  • How to market your winery wedding planning business economically and effectively

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