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If You're Asking Yourself 'How Can I Become a Wedding Planner?,'
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Careers in wedding planning are exciting, but getting started is a challenge. An Internet search for 'how can I become a wedding planner?' yields confusing results. Uncertainty is amplified by the imprecise use of such basic terms as wedding consultants, wedding planners, and wedding coordinators. There are conflicting ideas about what certified wedding planners really do, and outdated, inaccurate information about careers in wedding planning abounds. New Wedding Planet's Administrative Team provides unbiased, impartial answers to the question 'how can I become a wedding planner?'

Certified wedding planners use New Wedding Planet's online resources to stay current.

If You're Already One of Your Area's Certified Wedding Planners, Wedding Consultants,
Or Wedding Professionals, Utilize the Business Development Center

Traditional wedding consultants and other wedding professionals are coping with a continued decline in the number of weddings and what couples are willing to pay. At the same time, careers in wedding planning and the marriage market hold promising new opportunities, including the green wedding and gay marriage movements, the winery wedding trend, multicultural weddings, and modest budget weddings in which savvy professional wedding planners can help cost-conscious couples save money. New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center continually identifies promising opportunities, emerging trends, and best practices within the wedding industry, sharing what it learns with Members.

If you're planning your wedding, communicate with New Wedding Planet's Administrative Team.

Planning your Wedding? Share Your Input and Feedback

Planning your wedding with confidence isn't easy. Gain extra peace of mind by having our Administrative Team on your side. While we can't act as wedding consultants and don't recommend particular products or services, we understand from experience how helpful it is to have access to impartial advice if the need arises. Additionally, your input and feedback help us focus, update, and refine Rapid Video Course™ content and Member services for wedding planners and other wedding professionals.

12 ways the Business Development Center benefits wedding planners, wedding professionals, and couples getting married:

The Business Development Center provides Members with quick, concise answers to the most common questions and issues faced by wedding planners, wedding professionals, and couples planning their own wedding. Once you're a Member, it's as simple as sending a query from your Personal Resource Page. Members may also commission Advisors to work on Special Assignments where one-to-one interaction and collaboration is utilized to produce a comprehensive, custom-tailored solution. Special Assignments are subject to availability and are quoted on a per-job basis.

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