Planning a Wedding is a Professional Process

Planning for a wedding is a logical, chronological process of managing multiple products, procedures, and personalities professionally. Most often it's a major project, demanding foresight and focus on detail, with the potential for dramatic failure or stunning success. Fortunately, the proven structure of successfully planning for wedding events is built upon principles, practices, and priorities that can be adapted by anyone who has the time, training, and temperament necessary to plan a wedding and manage the process efficiently. For couples getting married, planning wedding events with the help of an experienced professional wedding event planner has important advantages, such as reducing wedding stress, saving precious time, and helping control the cost of a wedding. But couples who have the time may choose to make planning a wedding their personal project, one that expresses their creativity and exercises their powers of organization. Although self-planning for a wedding demands discipline and commitment, the steps required and the challenges encountered by couples planning a wedding on their own parallel those faced by professionals who plan a wedding every weekend for hire. Having expert online wedding planning guidance on how to become a wedding planner, for a day or for a lifetime, eliminates the guesswork, instills confidence, and reduces the room for error as you begin your personal wedding planning journey or prepare for your professional wedding planning career.

Planning for a wedding is like brain science:planning-wedding nerve centers activate body parts to plan a wedding smoothly and with confidence.

Planning for a Wedding with Precision is a Science

Planning wedding events that are distinctive and dynamic demands energy and organization, patience and persistence, and the ability to listen carefully while communicating clearly to everyone involved. Planning for wedding events that sparkle and inspire others requires the added gift of imagination. These diverse characteristics comprise the ideal planning skill set, both for careers in wedding planning and for creative couples who want to plan a wedding on their own using wedding event planner programs, tools, and techniques now available online. Making the right selection among online options can be critical, since planning a wedding in which nothing is overlooked and success is certain really does resemble brain surgery: qualified professionals know from experience what to expect but prepare for the unexpected, knowing going in that they have only one chance to get it right. That's why planning for wedding surprises knowledgeably is essential to having a healthy outcome every time. Planning wedding venues, wedding catering, and wedding decorations is fun. But learning how to plan a wedding with precision is serious work. It requires complex scheduling, constant multi-tasking, and mastering terms, standards, and procedures as critical as those in an operating room. Yes, you can do it. But like a surgeon, you'll need more than an owner's manual to perform coolly, calmly, and with confidence, whether at your own wedding or planning wedding events for your trusting clients.

Couples planning a wedding learn how to plan for wedding surprises from Wendy Harrop's planning-wedding tutorial.

Course Video Tutorial: 'An Award-Winning Planner Teaches the Wedding Planning Process I' (36:03)

Wendy Harrop, owner of It's Your Day, is the ideal professional guide for aspiring planners and ambitious couples navigating the complex engagement-to-wedding-day process of planning a wedding. Since opening her business planning for wedding events throughout the Bay Area in 1991, she's acquired the artful science of successfully planning wedding events of every size, style, and budget, from small church ceremonies and unique winery weddings to a historic hotel destination wedding for 500 guests. Unlike some professional planners, she's quite comfortable coordinating 'day-of' activities for couples whose plans are already in place but who require expert oversight. She's equally adept at designing and planning for a wedding a full year in advance, producing engagement, wedding week, wedding day, and day-after events for clients who insist on enjoying every moment of their celebration without having to worry about the details. In this course video tutorial, Wendy draws on her 20 years of professional experience as she teaches aspiring wedding planners, wedding professionals, and couples getting married how to plan a wedding with the skill of a surgeon and the style of a star. This course video tutorial is divided into two parts and includes an outline of Wendy's tested and proven wedding timeline elements, from the day of the engagement to the departure for the honeymoon.

Wendy suggests planning for wedding events using planning-wedding timelines and other plan-a-wedding tools and techniques.
Wendy Harrop, Professional Wedding Planner

Learn 12 essential elements of the wedding planning process:

  • An analysis of 'day-of' wedding coordination vs. 12-month planning
  • The role, responsibilities, and requirements of the professional planner
  • How to manage all three categories of today's wedding clients
  • Four fundamental questions essential to the initial client consultation
  • Why, when, and how to plan for a distinctive engagement event
  • How to manage wedding guests, event participants, and family dynamics
  • Selecting wedding venues, key vendors, and wedding theme and style
  • The comparative advantages of hotels and non-hotel wedding venues
  • How to save on venue and party rental costs by scheduling flexibly
  • How to select photography and videography that fit the couple and their venue
  • How planners' and venues' preferred vendor lists work
  • How to manage toasts, timing, and wedding reception emcees

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