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Sign up today for the ultimate in online wedding planner courses and join other successful wedding event planners in an exciting, enjoyable career. Or get innovative wedding ideas and the ultimate visual wedding planner checklist to diversify your existing wedding business or plan your own wedding with confidence. Designed specifically for:

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The future of wedding planner courses has arrived. Learn tomorrow's wedding ideas today and experience the ultimate visual wedding planner checklist, presented by top wedding experts in every field: online, at leisure, and free from distracting ads. New Wedding Planet's Rapid Video Course™ teaches professional wedding planners and couples getting married how to succeed with ease, through dynamic content delivered directly to your screen from top wedding experts who practice what they teach: all video, on your schedule, at your fingertips.

  • Celebrity contributors teach in lively interviews.
  • Live demonstrations reinforce key concepts.
  • On-screen text tips make learning fast and easy.
  • Continual updates keep content current.
  • Wedding psychology and counseling taught for the first time in any course.
  • Professional wedding planners completing the course earn certification for life.

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