New Wedding Planet's Global Mission:

  • To make getting married a right for everyone
  • To train anyone how to become a wedding planner
  • To guide sound wedding planning by couples getting married
  • To foster better business ethics within the wedding industry
  • To promote inclusiveness as part of wedding business strategy
  • To produce impartial content free from wedding industry influence
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To Fulfill this Global Mission, New Wedding Planet's Rapid Video Course™:

  • Incorporates sound business ethics into every wedding subject
  • Teaches how to become a wedding planner or to plan your own wedding
  • Introduces wedding psychology and counseling as a business strategy for professionals
  • Incorporates knowledge of multicultural traditions needed to become a wedding planner
  • Incorporates the green wedding and winery wedding, gay marriage, and other innovations

To Support Professionals and Couples Getting Married, the Business Development Center:

  • Answers Members' questions about how to become a wedding planner
  • Seeks input and feedback from Members getting certified or getting married
  • Responds to Members' queries about business strategy, business ethics, and more

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