Customer-sensitivity skills for wedding event planning careers

Becoming a successful wedding professional takes more than making the right choice after researching the wedding planner jobs available in your area. To be successful, wedding planner jobs demand careful career strategy, consistent customer-focus, and an ability to understand the cultural differences that occur in the course of every wedding event planner job. Relevant experience in retail, real estate, or the hospitality industry can be a plus. The ability to manage volunteers is an asset. Cultural sensitivity, personal finesse, and a respect for differences in others are essential. Wedding planner jobs are a growing part of an enormous industry and deserve more respect than they've received in the past. But earning the respect of others begins with appreciating their diversity.

Wedding Professional Careers and Wedding Planner Jobs Are All about Serving Customers

As a successful community nonprofit executive, Maria Daane has developed an expert perspective on customer-service and cultural challenges associated with contemporary wedding planner jobs. With an undergraduate degree in hospitality management from Cornell University and diverse experience in hotel management, marketing, and customer relations, she understands these issues from a businessperson's point of view. As customer-service representative for a variety of hotel properties in New York, Texas, Arizona, and California, she discovered ways to overcome similar obstacles in her own job, using knowledge, tools, and techniques that are applicable to wedding event planning careers in today's increasingly multicultural marketplace. These innovative ideas are now available to New Wedding Planet Members.

Put Yourself in Others' Shoes to Take the Next Step in Your Wedding Event Planner Job

From 1998 to 2001, Maria served as membership-marketing director and management consultant for area YMCAs in Oakland and Berkeley, California. Working within a multi-ethnic environment, she provided professional support for a culturally disparate staff, board, and clientele, initiating the practice of recruiting new staff through non-traditional channels, increasing the languages spoken, and enabling better outreach to non-English speakers. She recommends similar strategies for wedding professional businesses located in communities with changing demographics, expanding multicultural markets, and opportunities to become more inclusive in vendor recruitment, hiring, and client services.

Managing Family-and-Friend Volunteers is a Big Responsibility in Wedding Planner Jobs

After earning her MBA at Michigan State University, Maria trained and coordinated community volunteers to raise funds for the East Lansing area United Way. Currently Executive Director of the Foundation & Friends of the Santa Clara (California) Library, she has organized and energized the foundation's culturally diverse volunteers, making it a model for community library foundations throughout the USA. The strategies she uses in her job today also work for individuals pursuing wedding event planning careers: active professional networking, hands-on customer service, skillful volunteer management, and finding creative ways to attract non-traditional clients who may feel uncomfortable with formality or other cultural barriers. Her innovative career-development, customer-service, and volunteer-management ideas can be accessed through Member queries to New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center.

Maria is one of eight Advisors to New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center. The Center provides Members with quick, concise answers to the most common questions and issues faced by wedding planners, wedding professionals, and couples planning their own wedding. Once you're a Member, it's as simple as sending a query from your Personal Resource Page. Members may also commission Advisors to work on Special Assignments where one-to-one interaction and collaboration is utilized to produce a comprehensive, custom-tailored solution. Special Assignments are subject to availability and are quoted on a per-job basis.

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