Execute Your Wedding Timeline with Ease

Building a solid wedding timeline that includes every moment, from the casual engagement party to the elaborate destination wedding, starts with a standard scheduling template available to couples getting married on almost any wedding website. But it's a challenge for most contemporary couples to execute the myriad of details that follow: arranging meetings, monitoring deadlines, and coordinating many moving parts, some of whom have an uncanny ability to resist. These may include opinionated family members, recalcitrant players in the wedding party, even a wedding officiant whose idea of wedding etiquette is too rigid for today's couple getting married. Executing a successful wedding timeline is easier with customized tools that no conventional wedding website can provide: a seamless strategy and tactful tactics driven by a detailed wedding timeline, not by the personalities involved. Wedding planning jobs range from full-service production of events planned with the couple a year in advance to coordinating the 'day-of' activities of a wedding officiant, wedding venues, and wedding vendors already hired by someone else. In each situation, the planner's duty is to carry out the couple's wishes, even when doing so takes some guesswork based on a few late-stage meetings. Any couple planning a wedding on their own or hiring a professional needs more than a wedding website to execute their wedding timeline successfully. To save unnecessary stress, find the right planner, and reduce the room for error, they also need inside instruction on current trade practices from an expert.

Your wedding officiant may be looking to the past at your future destination wedding, so remember that wedding etiquette isn't old-fashioned everywhere.

Find Your Way in Today's Post-Wedding Etiquette World

In a sense, every wedding is a destination wedding in which the couple getting married finds their way to a new relational space, inviting loved ones to overcome old ideas, barriers, and expectations as they join the joyful couple in celebration. This emotional journey ends in the blur of a busy weekend. But it begins with a burst of planning activity months earlier, when the couple gets engaged, schedules a date and secures a venue, and enlists a wedding planner or wedding officiant to counsel and support them as they progress toward their wedding day. And while most modern weddings are multi-generational affairs, many old assumptions about appropriate behavior and wedding etiquette now seem out of tune with the times. Planning a distant destination wedding, like using a wedding website to communicate online with guests, may present a challenge for 60-plus participants who were born in the age of snail mail and postage stamps. And enforcing a precise wedding timeline with 30-something participants may prove frustrating to the couple and unpopular with their peers. RSVPs are requested for the engagement event but go unanswered. A nervous wedding officiant stands alone in the aisle checking her watch and wondering how the groomsmen lost their way from the church's office to the sanctuary. Conscientious couples may have their patience tested by disruptive behavior on their wedding day or feel perplexed by wildly conflicting trends reported in bridal magazines, announced on their favorite wedding website, or suggested by friends. They need help from a an expert to navigate the hype, stay on schedule, and manage expectations, both their own and those of others. Thankfully, today's wedding planners are equipped with the tools to guide contemporary couples, caught in the transition to a post-wedding etiquette era, find their way.

Wendy Harrop shows how any couple can use their destination wedding website to stay relaxed when their wedding timeline gets all booked up.

Course Video Tutorial: 'An Award-Winning Planner Teaches the Wedding Planning Process II' (31:42)

Wendy Harrop, the founder of It's Your Day, is today's comprehensive wedding website resource for aspiring wedding planners, professionals diversifying their wedding business, and couples putting their wedding ideas into action by planning a wedding on their own. Since founding her Bay Area business in 1991, she's demonstrated a unique ability to implement every wedding timeline with precision and passion. Whether her clients are having a small event at home, a destination wedding at a large hotel, or a winery wedding in California's wine country, Wendy executes each plan with perfection. She's equally adept at coordinating 'day-of' activities, managing yearlong events from the engagement party to the wedding day, or designing every detail and handling every task for busy executive couples who want world-class service for their local or destination wedding. In this course video tutorial, Wendy teaches planners, wedding professionals, and couples getting married how to execute a wedding timeline that will work for every individual situation. This course video tutorial is divided into two parts and includes a detailed engagement-to-honeymoon wedding timeline, adaptable to any situation, together with stunning highlights of a destination wedding produced by Wendy at San Francisco's historic Palace Hotel.

Wendy suggests that every wedding officiant has an important place in the wedding timeline and on the wedding website.
Wendy Harrop, Professional Wedding Planner

Learn 12 essential elements of the wedding planning process:

  • How to execute a 12-month wedding timeline for any wedding weekend
  • Who should attend the rehearsal dinner and why
  • When the day-after brunch makes perfect wedding etiquette sense
  • How to plan recreational events that grooms want for their guests
  • When to make the strategic decision to have a destination wedding
  • Destination wedding planning requirements to cover every contingency
  • What to consider when choosing a church wedding or temple wedding ceremony
  • How to identify and utilize a qualified non-religious wedding officiant
  • How to analyze and master the wedding website universe
  • Professional wedding planners' packages, pricing, and payment terms
  • The answer to the new wedding etiquette question about tipping on the wedding day
  • A month-by-month and minute-by-minute wedding planning checklist for everyone

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