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Wedding event planning businesses today serve clients with divergent needs and desires, not only because wedding event planner business demographics are becoming more diverse, but also because wedding vow traditions and the average cost for a wedding are in flux. Fewer couples are getting married and doing so at a later age than at any time since World War II. They're spending less but expecting more, and they're abandoning houses of worship with fixed wedding vow rituals and hotels with fixed wedding reception prices for venues where there's more flexibility and the cost for a wedding is more attractive. The sudden shift to a buyer's market in the wedding industry may prove to be permanent. Wedding event planning businesses that adapt to this shift will survive. Ignoring it is not an option.

Today's Wedding Event Planner Business is Part Economics, Part Ethics, and All about Service

Allen Newman brings academic research and business experience to the economics, ethics, and management issues that face wedding event planning businesses trying to cope with the transformed wedding marketplace. An economist with a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he's also an entrepreneur. An Episcopal priest with a divinity degree from New York's Union Theological Seminary, he deals daily with the same-sex wedding vow issues now dividing world Anglicanism in his position as the rector of a progressive multicultural parish in the Bronx. A partner in Alan Brasington, Inc., a New York merchandising enterprise that caters to international retail clients, he also copes daily with the uncertainties of running a boutique business in a downsized economy where the buyer holds the cards.

Ethical Wedding Event Planning Businesses Help Clients Control the Cost for a Wedding

Same-sex and traditional couples getting married in a secular ceremony frequently seek Allen's help in creating meaningful wedding vow texts. The couples he marries at his church often ask him how to control the cost for a wedding without compromising the quality of the celebration. His solutions to these and other contemporary marriage problems derive from his study of world wedding vow traditions, same-sex weddings, and the origins, economics, and ethics of the wedding business in the United States. His academic research has produced new insights into the business practices of the modern American wedding industry. His firsthand observation of marriage customs in other countries has provided new information about wedding vow traditions around the world. Couples getting married, wedding event planning businesses, and wedding professionals of all specialties now have a place to turn for practical expertise on these and other economic, ethical, and management issues.

Here's Help for Your Wedding Budgeting, Business, or Ceremony Challenges

Whether you encounter a roadblock building a realistic wedding budget, running an ethical wedding business, or creating a non-traditional wedding ceremony for your client or yourself, Allen's answers can be accessed through Member queries to New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center.

Allen is one of eight Advisors to New Wedding Planet's Business Development Center. The Center provides Members with quick, concise answers to the most common questions and issues faced by wedding planners, wedding professionals, and couples planning their own wedding. Once you're a Member, it's as simple as sending a query from your Personal Resource Page. Members may also commission Advisors to work on Special Assignments where one-to-one interaction and collaboration is utilized to produce a comprehensive, custom-tailored solution. Special Assignments are subject to availability and are quoted on a per-job basis.

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