Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Wedding Planner Program and Wedding Planning Business

What is New Wedding Planet?
New Wedding Planet is a membership trade association for wedding professionals and an online wedding planner program providing benefits, training, certification, and business development support to individuals who want to be a wedding planner, begin a wedding planner career, open a wedding planning business, or diversify their existing wedding business by learning new skills and reaching new markets. In addition to becoming a wedding planner, couples getting married take advantage of New Wedding Planet's online wedding planner program to plan their own wedding with confidence.

What makes this course different from other wedding planner courses?
New Wedding Planet's Rapid Video Course™ was developed in Silicon Valley using the latest computer programming and video editing technology. As a result, it's the most user-friendly online wedding planner program available, and the most efficient and enjoyable way to master the wedding planning business or plan your own wedding with confidence.

How will I remember key facts so that I'm well prepared for each quiz?
Throughout New Wedding Planet's wedding planner career video tutorial system, helpful study guides and quick text tips appear on your screen to help you master key facts. The quiz questions are prepared directly from the on-screen text tips. This makes learning fast, logical, and enjoyable.

Who developed the course content?
Our course contributors include CEOs and PhDs, nationally known authors and journalists, leading professionals and educators, and successful entrepreneurs in various specialties of the wedding business. Each course contributor teaches specific skills needed to be a wedding planner, diversify your wedding business, or plan your own wedding. You'll recognize them from the 'Oprah Winfrey Show,' the Food Network, 'Jeopardy,' CBS News, and the New York Times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Course Particulars and Becoming a Wedding Planner

Will I have to download big files, read thick study manuals, install special software, or write long essays?
No. Becoming a wedding planner or planning your own wedding with confidence has never been more convenient. View online course video tutorials whenever you like, on your computer or mobile device, in any order you choose. Take a short online quiz after each video tutorial if you're seeking certification.

Can I get started today?
Yes. Sign up and pay with a credit card, then sign in to your Personal Resource Page to download your New Wedding Planet Membership Logo and begin accessing the Rapid Video Course™ and other Member benefits.

What's my Personal Resource Page and how do I use it?
When you join you'll be asked to select a user name and password to access your Personal Resource Page. Your Personal Resource Page includes course video tutorials and quizzes, a handy 'Query the Business Development Center' contact form for your questions, an Edit Member Profile option to update your personal information, and everything else you'll need to take full advantage of your membership.

May I share the course with the person I'm marrying?
Yes. Members planning their own wedding often share the course by providing their partner's name and email address. The partner who joins as a Member can take course video tutorial quizzes and qualify for certification if he or she later decides to be a wedding planner.

How many times may I view the course video tutorials?
During your membership view the course video tutorials on your computer or mobile device as many times as you like. This convenient feature is a major advantage of the Rapid Video Course™ and distinguishes it from a text-based wedding planning course and from conventional wedding planning certification programs.

Do course video tutorials ever change?
Yes. Course video tutorials are added and replaced as changes occur in wedding styles, the wedding business, and wedding consulting practices. This dynamic feature is another major advantage of the Rapid Video Course™ and distinguishes it from static online wedding planning course and conventional wedding planning certification programs.

How long is each course video tutorial?
Tutorials average 30-35 minutes in length.

How do I take the quizzes?
Take each 10-question, multiple-choice quiz whenever you like during your 12-month membership. Most Members enjoy taking each quiz as soon as they've completed that particular video course tutorial. Members typically complete each quiz in 15 minutes or less.

What score is required to pass a quiz?
You need a score of 80% or higher to pass a quiz.

When will I receive my quiz score?
You will receive your score as soon as you complete each quiz.

Can I repeat quizzes if necessary?
Yes. You may take any course video tutorial quiz up to three times. Many Members pass the quizzes on their first attempt by studying each tutorial carefully and by paying special attention to the helpful study guides and quick text tips that appear on their screen.

Can I still earn my certification even if I fail a quiz three times?
Yes. Just contact our Administrative Team. We may ask you to submit a written essay or verify your comprehension of the materials by alternative means. We're here to help you succeed!

What happens if I need help, have questions, or experience difficulty with the quizzes?
New Wedding Planet has a friendly support team standing by to assist you. If for any reason you run into a problem with any aspect of the program, we will work with you individually to help you progress toward your goal of certification. Help is just a phone call or email away!

How long will it take me to complete the course?
Progress at your own pace in becoming a wedding planner or planning your own wedding. Most Members find it comfortable to complete one or more tutorials a day, or over a weekend, and finish the course within weeks. Others train to be a wedding planner as quickly as possible and complete the course even sooner. Couples getting married typically spread the wedding planner program course over a longer period. Every Member can take up to 12 months to complete the course.

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming Certified to Be a Wedding Planner

How do I get certified and when do I receive my certificate?
As soon as you pass the online quizzes for all course video tutorials, we will design, typeset, and send your personalized Professional Wedding Planner Certificate. Certificates are delivered via email, usually within 48 hours.

What does it mean to be certified?
Professional certification lets the public know that you've taken the time and made the effort to learn the wedding planning profession before becoming a wedding planner. The underlying message conveyed is that you care about competence and are fully committed to your wedding planner career. This can help prospective clients recognize your ability to manage their wedding with precision and professionalism.

How will I get the message out that I'm certified?
Post your Professional Wedding Planner Certificate on your website and place a framed copy in your client conference area. Tell everyone that you're a Certified Professional Wedding Planner by using the letters 'CPWP' after your name. (Example: 'Maria Daane, MBA, CPWP.')

What if I'm already certified by another wedding planning association?
Additional certification only serves to instill more confidence in your professionalism. If you've already begun your wedding planner career, you'll discover that New Wedding Planet's continually updated course content and Member benefits are an indispensable asset to your wedding planning business.

Can my certification be withheld, suspended, or revoked if I don't renew my membership?
No. Unlike other wedding planner program associations, New Wedding Planet has no compulsory membership renewal policy. Your certification is valid for life. But we want to keep you with us, and we do our best to earn your continued loyalty by providing fresh content and helpful support throughout your wedding planner career.

Frequently Asked Questions about Accelerating Your Wedding Planner Career

How do I access the Business Development Center?
Use the handy 'Query the Business Development Center' form on your Personal Resource Page. Our Administrative Team will answer your query within 72 hours. Depending on the nature of your question, answers may be standardized or customized to meet your individual interest and need.

Does the course include practical pointers on creating my vendor list, setting my prices, marketing my business, and preventing problems before they occur?
Yes. Practicing professionals teach proven techniques, with real-time demonstrations of real-life situations encountered in the wedding planning business. This is another distinctive feature of New Wedding Planet.

Where can I get advice on setting up my business, writing client contracts, and licensing and insurance requirements relevant to my location?
Consult a qualified CPA or attorney regarding state or territorial business structure options, local licensing requirements, contract language, and insurance considerations.

Will I be obligated to pay New Wedding Planet a percentage of my income or fees from my clients?
No. Our purpose is to prepare you, keep you current, and support your wedding planning business. We have no financial stake whatsoever in your business, clients, or fees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Joining the Wedding Planner Program

OK. I'm convinced. How much does it cost to join and how soon can I get started?
The course with membership for 12 months costs $799. Sign up now to begin immediately.

If I decide to renew my membership next year, what will it cost?
Annual membership renewal is $199. Renewing gives you uninterrupted access to new course content, ongoing support from the Business Development Center, and other Member benefits.

What happens if I move, change my email address, or get a new telephone number?
Sign in to your Personal Resource Page and press Edit Member Profile to update your contact information.

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