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Who would have thought 10 years ago that the Internet would be as important to our lives as it is today? We use it to send email, do business, shop, and even keep in contact with our friends and loved ones. That is why Inovasis Computer Solutions is a company created by the home user to help other home users and small business owners.

Technology is moving faster than we could have ever imagined and keeping up with it cannot only be costly but in ways, frustrating. Since we cannot afford to buy a $1,000 machine every year, we have to be able to maintain the computers and business networks we currently have, so that they will provide us with years of reliable service.

You may not be a big time corporation that has its own technical support team, so when things go wrong with your computer or small office network, you need to turn to someone who can resolve the issues you are having and keep you "online".

That is why Inovasis Computer Solutions is dedicated to providing a high level of professional and technical expertise to the average home user and small business owner. It is our goal to provide this service at a very competitive cost to you so that you will call us again when you have future computer needs.