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AutoEngage is located in Silicon Valley, California, at 1200 Pacific Avenue,
in Santa Cruz. Owned and operated by Jason Mattia, and Robert Jordan, their collective automotive experience spans two continents, and a combined
50 years.

With extensive experience in sales, finance, and fixed operations at all levels within the dealership environment, including Finance Director, General Sales Manager, and more recently President and General Manager, Jason provides a broad depth of knowledge to our clients, and an intense passion for accelerating dealership growth through strategic marketing applications, and management level coaching.

Robert offers our clients an intuitive understanding of Internet Marketing strategies specifically tailored to the automotive space. His experience in both high-technology, and automotive Internet marketing, has generated tremendous growth in new and used vehicle sales, parts and accessories sales, and service retention. His ability to develop winning strategies tailored to our client’s growth opportunities provides increased revenue in both fixed and variable operations.

Jason Mattia and Robert Jordan are available for departmental, dealership, and dealer group consulting.

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